From modems and home wifi systems to a full house alarm system, Digital Solutions has your Auckland home covered

Television Reception Problems

Do you have poor television reception?

Poor reception is frustrating and can ruin your viewing experience. The problems can range from poor cabling, blind spots, interference and aerial issues. We can help with this.


Tv Outlet installation

Would you like more TV outlets in your home or work place?

Now you can throw out your old bunny ears and have high-quality television all your rooms. We are able to install additional outlets almost anywhere.

Digital Freeview

Thinking about Freeview?

We can evaluate your current set up and recommend and install Digital Freeview (or similar) for your televisions.

Today there are various ways to watch television if you need help let us know.

Having problems getting Netflix maybe – we can help.

Quite often it’s your broadband speed – we can help.

Wall mounting your television

Would you like your television mounted on the wall?

Wall mounting your television is an effective way to achieve a clean, seamless look in any room. We can supply and install the correct wall mounting system for your television.

Installing Home theatre system

Do you need help setting up your home theatre system?

Purchasing a new home theatre system is exciting until you get it home and try to set it all up. We are experienced in putting together home theatres and will run through the operating systems with you.

Digital Aerial Installation

Has your existing aerial seen better days?

A damaged or older aerial can seriously affect your quality of television viewing while a poorly installed aerial can affect your property. We supply and install high-quality aerials and will discuss your placement options with you. Our specialized equipment will ensure that you receive the best signal possible.

Installing new tv cabling

Thinking of building?

You may wish to plan your television and data cabling needs earlier on in the project, to ‘future proof’ your new home. We are happy to talk with you about your options.

Installing Television Equipment

Moving house?

We can help set up your existing television equipment in your new home and ensure that you are receiving the best reception possible.